Network Security & Web Filtering

User Productivity Report

Use the User Productivity report for aggregate or per-user reporting of active time spent on a website or desktop application.

The report shows three pieces of information:
1. Daily Total
2. Top Categories browsed
3. Websites and desktop applications

Reporting Options

You can specifiy:
1. all users or a specific user
2. the date range

User Productivity Options

To specify the date range, click on the blue plus to expand the date range selection.

To view the data for a single day, click a marker on the line chart.

User Productivity Information

The report shows:
1. the domain or application
2. category
3. time spent as a percentage of the total
4. active time spent on website or in application
5. whether access was Allowed or Blocked

User Productivity Data

Filtering the report

To filter for a specific domain, application, category or action, enter the text in the search field at the top right of the table.

Filtering User Productivity Report

Last updated Jul 02 2020
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