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Rawstream Network Server

Rawstream Network Server provides on-premise DNS-based web filtering for your network. It allows organisations to monitor and filter devices based on policies. Policies can be set network-wide, or per-device.

Per-user reporting and filtering is available in Active Directory environments with Rawstream AD Sync.

Note: Rawstream Network Server is not designed to be deployed in a Terminal Services environment. For per-user monitoring and filtering in a Terminal Services environment see Rawstream Web Filtering.

Quick Start

  1. Sign up for a Rawstream account. The Rawstream dashboard is used to set policies and reporting
  2. Install Rawstream Network Server on its own Windows host
  3. Install Rawstream AD Sync on each Domain Controller
  4. Configure DHCP to hand out the Rawstream Network Server host IPs to client devices

For step-by-step deployment follow this guide.

How It Works

Rawstream Network Server acts as a DNS proxy, receiving DNS requests from client devices on the network. If access to the requested domain is allowed, Rawstream Network Server forwards the request to the configured DNS servers which can be other internal DNS servers (such as Active Directory domain controllers), or third-party DNS servers.


If access is blocked, Rawstream Network Server returns an NX Domain or redirects to a block page, depending on configuration.

Active Directory Environments

To monitor and filter per-user, Rawstream Network Server needs the device IP to AD user mapping data provided by Rawstream AD Sync.

Install an instance of AD Sync on each domain controller. Each AD Sync instance updates each instance of the Rawstream Network Server with the user login information. The updates from AD Sync allows Rawstream Network Server to enforce the policy that applies to each user.

Setting Policies

Setting Policies

To set policies per-user or per-device log in to the Rawstream dashboard, then click Settings > EndPoint Agents > Internet Policies

Last updated Jan 22 2020
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