Network Security & Web Filtering

Setting up Rawstream Network Security

Rawstream Network Security is a cloud-based DNS filtering service for networks and guest WiFi.

Network Security works on the basis of "networks". A network is made up of a public IP and the set of policies that are to be applied to that IP. You need to define a network for each public IP you'd like to filter.


Determine if the network has a static or a dynamic public IP. Networks with dynamic public IPs may require additional steps.

Static Public IP

For networks with a static public IP, configure either the WiFi access points or the internet router to forward DNS requests to Rawstream DNS.

Static Public IP deployment

Dynamic Public IP

Networks with a dynamic public IP require an client installed on a machine on the network to update Rawstream with the network's public IP as it changes.

Dynamic Public IP deploment

More information on supported dynamic IP clients.

Deployment Steps

  1. Create a Rawstream Account
  2. Login to Rawstream Dashboard
  3. Create a new Network Static Public IP | Dynamic Public IP
  4. Set network to forward DNS requests to Rawstream DNS

Firewall Settings


First create the network in the Rawstream dashboard, before updating your network to use Rawstream's DNS servers. Rawstream DNS servers drop packets from unknown networks.

Last updated Mar 15 2020
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