Network Security & Web Filtering

Troubleshooting DNS Filtering

Reachable Rawstream DNS

  1. Can you ping a Rawstream DNS IP?
  2. Are there any firewall rules blocking DNS traffic (port 53 TCP / UDP)?
  3. Does the ISP redirect DNS traffic?

Verify Public IP

Rawstream DNS servers drop DNS traffic from unknown IPs. To get a response the public IP that is originating the DNS query needs to be associated with a network in the Rawstream dashboard.

Confirm that one Rawstream network has correct the public IP.

For networks with dynamic public IP confirm that the latest public IP is shown for that network. If not, the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) agent may not be sending updates. You may need to manually force the DDNS agent to send an update. Allow 120 seconds for the update to take effect.

Last updated Sep 17 2019
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