Network Security & Web Filtering

Rawstream Network Security Features

Block Malware

Network-wide protection against malware and phishing, continuously updated to protect against emerging threats.

Content Filtering

Over 80 categories covering the entire web allowing granular, flexible policies.

Unlimited Lists

Rawstream can efficiently handle Block / Allow lists with thousands of entries.

Best In Class P2P Filtering

Stop bandwidth use and reduce legal risk with our smarter approach to blocking P2P / illegal downloads.

Wildcard Support

Full wildcard support for when you need a policy to match targeted host names.

Real-Time Visibility

Drill down by date, hour, network or category. Export to Excel. Scalable reporting that is fast whatever the amount of traffic.

Unlimited Log Retention

All data is retained. No data is deleted while the account remains active.

Last updated Jul 01 2020
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