Network Security & Web Filtering

Setting the Rawstream Agent as System-Wide Proxy

The Rawstream Web Filtering agent works as an HTTP/S proxy running locally on the device. This ensures zero-latency protection on and off the organisation's network.

System-Wide Proxy

By default, the agent is configured to set itself as the system-wide proxy on user login. The screenshot below shows the settings used by the agent to set itself as the system proxy.

Windows Proxy

The agent removes itself as the system proxy when it is stopped.

Proxy via PAC script

The other alternative is to configure devices to use a PAC script. The PAC script sets the device to use the agent as the proxy server for HTTP/S. The agent serves a default PAC script at http://localhost:8999/rawstream.pac.

PAC script

The agent can be configured to serve a custom PAC script.

Last updated Apr 09 2021
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